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What is a Wedding Planner?

Welcome to the world of Olga Arce Wedding planner. A magnificent venue for you to start preparing your wedding, Whether in Ibiza, in Barcelona or elsewhere. Weddings in Ibiza. Weddings in Barcelona and Weddings around the globe with the upcoming destination weddings. A site designed for you to turn all your ideas into facts with a Wedding planner you will love. Olga Arce is the wedding planner. Let her take you to an unforgettable wedding. A memorable wedding on such a wondrous place and special destination you will never forget. 

The Wedding Planner is an expert in Marriages, she instantly grasps the idea and within a glimpse she devises a strategy. She is fully capable and endorsed to give professional advice, she also designs, plans and organizes the wedding and makes sure every single detail is taken into account because everything is important when success is at stake. She becomes the couple’s guide during the entire process. She knows exactly where to start and how to get organized for the event and its perfect timing.

“My team and I rely on expertise and satisfaction. We love making your dreams come true. Together we will transform your ideas into a joyful, memorable and everlasting reality that you will treasure for the rest of your life and will guide you during the whole process of making you feel on top of the world in such a special day.”

It is necessary to determine the budget and decide the type of wedding. We will look for the right place, find out your style as a couple, have a look at catering options, graphic design, atmosphere and decoration elements.

A wedding must be organized calmly without forgetting any of the details.

Our main goal is to create an unforgettable day for you and your guests.




The beginning

The beginning

Once you take the step to get married you feel so excited…where to start?

When you think of your wedding you simply want it to be unique.

It is not easy to decide on how and what but the process is so exciting. Both of you want it to be perfect for you, your family and friends.

First step is choosing the place and save the date…Ibiza o Barcelona? Then, at this point, our work starts. We offer a full service organization and planning so you can relax and forget about any stress.

It is essential for us to meet you and get to know what you are looking for so we can prepare a first draft of your wedding.

From this moment on we will be exchanging information regularly to achive an amazing result.

We do care about you and your wedding and we want to know the people you are since the very beginning. We will create that unique wedding only for you.



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