Your Guests

Your Guests

Your Guests

At Olga Arce Wedding planner and destination weddings we are in charge of the organization and logistics. All you have to do is just relax, sit back and enjoy the ride!

We hope you have a pleasant flight to your destination wedding. Right from the moment of touch down you may enjoy yourself being at your destination as our team will already be expecting you. Then you will have your transfer to the hotel or chosen venue readily available. It will be time to start thinking about a casual or even fancy dinner at your destination hotel. the clock will still be ticking for the wonderful day.

Flights + transfers + accommodation

The travel agency that works for us is highly trained, outstandingly experienced and has a devotion to the traveller and will be offering the best options for the just married couple. Guests can also book their trips directly with them very easily and most likely than not if done in groups they will be benefiting from unbeatable prices and generous discounts.

Bus transfer on the wedding day

VIP Buses and coaches will be arranged to go from the hotel to the wedding venue and from there to the reception if these happen to be located far apart in different places. Nobody will have to drive, hence the fun will combine with safety for all your beloved ones. 

There will be VIP bus or coach transfer service back to the hotel from 1am.

Gifts for guests

Choosing guests’ gifts will be easy and will be done months before the wedding to ensure that every one enjoys something else than simply a beautiful souvenir.

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