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Olga Arce leads the team at Olga Arce Wedding Planning. She has over eleven years of experience and has helped more than a hundred couples. 

We all have our style, our likes, our ideas and our wishes. That’s why it is vital to listen, decipher and profoundly understand what your wedding should look like.

It’s all about focusing on each person, individually, as a whole. Because we all want to feel very special as though we are the essential part of a big plan.

As far as the ceremony you wish to have is concerned, Olga takes it very seriously when it comes time to analysing the true nature of your desires. Every detail is key and your wedding should be flawless.

She will make your dream come true

She is creative by nature and her wedding creations are unforgettable experiences carefully thought out to the very tiniest detail. Coordination and optimism are her main ingredients.

Her weddings are well known because of her great creativity, sophisticated design and style.

She admires people sharing life. Her role is to join in the decision-making process, showing the available options and organizing the event. Her main goal is to produce tailor-made weddings.

Her work is based entirely on the priorities of the couples she helps and their peace of mind. 

She is passionate about fashion, design and decoration. These are artistic principles that she uses to create the perfect atmosphere for each couple.

It is very important that couples know and feel that they lead their own wedding. Her main goal is to make dreams come true and bring ideas based on excitement and lots of love, to life.

“Being able to work providing happiness to people is a special privilege” – Olga Arce.


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Our philosophy




We devote ourselves to a profession where bringing happiness to people turns out to be the aim of all our hard work. We do it because we believe it is possible to daydream and because the occasions that transcend in life are meant to be lived to the fullest.

We admire committed people who are passionate and we love creating places that nourish unique experiences. The feelings and emotions, in the end, really last over time.

To us there’s nothing nicer than gathering people who love each other and celebrate with joy their life project with others.


We make emotions flourish playing with colours and shapes, looking for harmony and gathering people who wish to celebrate the gift of life, commitment, respect, trust, affection, passion, good food and happiness of course.

We do everything with professionalism and creativity.


At Olga Arce Wedding Planning we give advice, design, plan ahead and organize that wedding you always dreamed about.

We offer a comprehensive service with the guarantee that more than 11 years of experience organizing weddings in Ibiza and Barcelona will bring. Our team is made up by the best professionals that match with your reality. Our human warmth is key.

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