Movie Making

Movie Making

“I always advise you  to live your wedding day to the fullest”.  Your comment is always “time flies”, “Everything happened so fast” and “I would love to live it once again”. Those long months of preparation and in eight to ten hours everything has gone by and it is imposible for you to be aware of all the details of the event. It is therefore, an ephemeral moment that you must treasure for the rest of your life.

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The only living memory that you will have of your event will be that video. Indispensable to live again each and every moment of your wedding.  Where will have that dreamed day with live images where you will have the participation of all those people you decided had to be the witnesses of such a special day. The most moving moments for instance, when you said “I do”, how the ceremony that we created for you was in which everybody was so touched. What was going on at the other tables while you were having dinner in yours, what surprises your guests kept for you

The creativity of the cameramen will get reflected in the movie editing. Quality, experience and empathy with the couple are some of these professionals’ traits.

We always deliver a trailer that lasts aproximately two minutes a few days after the wedding of those twenty minutes that are being prepared. In the USB that is delivered, there is a selection of those best moments with the music that was played during your wedding.

A summary of your special day, an indispensable memory of your wedding.

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